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Peripheral Arterial Duplex Scanning Peripheral arterial duplex scanning Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is usually diagnosed on the basis of patients' symptoms and physical examination in the clinic, confirmed by evaluations in the Vascular Laboratory with pressure measurements and other non-invasive tests Why am I having this scan? Your Doctor has referred you for this investigation as you may be having problems with the arteries in your legs. The scan is used to assess the arteries and identify the problem areas. Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive technique that: - uses no needles or drugs - uses no x-rays or any harmful radiatio Duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive evaluation of blood flow through your arteries and veins . This test provides information to help your vascular surgeon make a sound diagnosis and outline a treatment plan. Accuracy is critical, so ultrasound testing should ALWAYS be performed by a credentialed sonographer in an accredited vascular laboratory An arterial duplex, an arterial doppler, or an arterial ultrasound typically refer to the same thing. It is a non-invasive diagnostic medical imaging study. An ultrasound machine is used to perform the study, similar to the machine used to check on babies in pregnancy

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  1. The accuracy of duplex scanning is sufficient to permit arterial mapping analogous to contrast arteriography in body regions accessible to diagnostic ultrasound imaging. Class­ification of lesion severity is based on the same physical principles that apply to the duplex evaluation of the cerebrovascular, renal, and mesenteric circulations
  2. Although little has changed in scanning techniques over the last decade, duplex scanning continues to play a central role in the patient management pathway by allowing clinicians to formulate treatment plans without the need for diagnostic arteriograms, which, like all invasive tests, carry a small risk of complications (Egglin et al. 1995)
  3. Can duplex scan arterial mapping replace contrast arteriography as the test of choice before infrainguinal revascularization? J Vasc Surg , 29 ( 1999 ) , pp. 100 - 107 View Record in Scopus Google Schola

  1. VIDEO 01 HOW TO DO ARTERIAL DUPLEX SCAN PART ONE FOR IBAVDC - YouTube. VIDEO 01 HOW TO DO ARTERIAL DUPLEX SCAN PART ONE FOR IBAVDC. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If.
  2. ation of the full length of the common femoral, superficial femoral and popliteal arteries. The iliac, deep femoral, and tibioperoneal arteries may also be exa
  3. We often need to scan arteries between your navel and your groin, so underwear may need to be adjusted as appropriate. We will do our best to keep you as covered as possible to protect your privacy and dignity. Who performs the test? A qualified vascular scientist will perform the scan, usually with an assistant in the room
  4. ed while a wand-like device called a transducer is passed lightly over the skin above the artery

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1. Introduction. Duplex ultrasound is an integral component of diagnostic testing for the evaluation of lower-extremity arterial disease, including after intervention (bypass grafting and angioplasty) , .Testing provides objective information about blood flow (pulsed Doppler spectral analysis) and anatomy (B-mode and color Doppler imaging) for the accurate classification of occlusive and. To date, there have been many criteria proposed for grading the degree of arterial narrowing from the duplex scan. Criteria which have been devised for the carotid duplex scan cannot be used for the peripheral arteries. Our clinics follow criteria proposed by Cossman et al 1989. The ratio of pre-stenosis : stenosis is most commonly used Duplex scan of extracranial arteries; unilateral or limited study Standard Anatomic Coverage Arteries of both the anterior (carotid) and posterior (vertebrobasilar) extracranial systems. Imaging Considerations This guideline does not supersede the enrollee's health plan medical policy specific to Duplex Imaging of the arterie Using the duplex scanning method, arterial leg US records sound waves to obtain information about the arteries of the lower extremities from the common femoral arteries and their branches as they extend into the calf area. The amplitude and waveform of the pulses are measured, resulting in a two-dimensional image of the artery

a nice video on how to do arterial duplex scan by Ann Marie About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021. An Arterial Duplex Scan, also known as an Arterial Ultrasound, uses sound waves to produce images of how well and how much blood is flowing through the blood vessels that supply blood from your heart to other parts of your body Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Survey 1. The purpose of the survey is to identify arterial wall abnormalities, vessel tortuosity, pathology, and anatomic anomalies. The initial survey is performed with gray-scale (B-Mode) imaging to ensure that features of the arterial wall and plaque morphology are accurately characterized The Duplex ultrasonography shows the blood flow in the investigated tissue. It helps to detect blockages in the vessels, detect vessel's width, etc. A duplex ultrasound is used in diagnose of an abdominal aneurysm, blood clots, arterial occlusion, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, renal vascular disease, carotid occlusive disease Arterial and venous duplex ultrasound of the abdomen. This test examines blood vessels and blood flow in the abdominal area. Carotid duplex ultrasound looks at the carotid artery in the neck. Duplex ultrasound of the extremities looks at the arms or legs

arterial duplex scan A 32-year-old female asked: why is there such a drastic difference in the value of prox pfa psv between the right leg -82.3 vs left leg 64.4 on a lower extremity arterial duplex Duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive evaluation of blood flow in the arteries and veins comprised of real-time images integrating B-mode, two-dimensional vascular structure, Doppler spectral analysis, and color flow Doppler imaging. Duplex scans combine conventional ultrasound with Doppler imaging A radiologist will interpret the test and a final report will be made available to your physician Your doctor will explain the results of the renal artery duplex scan to you. If you have more questions about this test, call 217-605-5274 This includes duplex scan of aorta or arterial inflow of abdominal, pelvic or other organs. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to create a color map of the blood flow of the arteries Peripheral Arterial Examinations MEDICALLY NECESSARY peripheral arterial study testing methods include duplex scans; Doppler waveform or spectral analysis; volume, impedance or strain gauge plethysmography; and transcutaneous oxygen tension measurement. INVESTIGATIONAL peripheral arterial study testing methods include thermography, mechanica

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Home » Scans » Vascular » Arterial Duplex - Two limbs. Arterial Duplex - Two limbs £ 270.00. We are currently fixing this section of our website, you can have more information by calling 02071013377. Home / Vascular / Arterial Duplex - Two limbs Book Your Appointmen Duplex scans are a common area of confusion across the country, and 2020 saw the introduction of two new codes for duplex scans, making for a potentially tricky start to the new year. Before we dive in to the new codes, let's review some general guidelines for noninvasive vascular diagnostic studies. Noninvasive vascular studies include [ A duplex ultrasound scan is a simple Painless, and non-invasive method of looking at arteries and veins deep within the body in order to better inform or diagnose a variety of issues. The duplex scanner, consists of an ultrasound probe which emits short pulses of very high frequency sound, (far higher than the ear can hear), and can measure the size of the veins and arteries as well as blood flow

Arterial and venous duplex scan. A duplex scan is a painless exam that uses ultrasound technology to capture internal images of the major arteries and veins in the arms, legs and neck. A special jelly is placed on the area being examined while a wand-like device called a transducer is passed lightly over the skin above the artery arterial duplex. What is it? An upper limb arterial duplex is a scan that uses ultrasound (sound waves) to produce mapping of the arteries in your arm(s). Why do I need it? The test gives the doctor information about the presence of atheroma (hardening of the arteries) within your arm arteries Arterial Duplex Scan MemorialCare. Education Details: Arterial duplex scan is a painless exam that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to capture internal images of the major arteries in the arms, legs and neck.A special jelly is placed on the area being examined while a wand-like device called a transducer is arterial duplex leg. Although duplex ultrasound imaging lends itself well to the evaluation and monitoring of hemodialysis access, understanding the information gained through duplex evaluation can be difficult as the higher velocities and turbulent flow characteristically seen in access typically denote dysfunction when seen in arterial beds Generally, a carotid artery duplex scan follows this process: You will be asked to remove any clothing, jewelry, or other objects that may get in the way of the scan. You will be given a gown to wear. You will lie on an exam table with your neck slightly bent backward. The technologist will put a.

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  1. The CPT nomenclature splits the duplex scan codes into sections for cerebrovascular arteries, extremity arteries, extremity veins, visceral and penile arterial inflow and venous outflow, and hemodialysis access scans. CPT Code Duplex Ultrasound Study 93880 Extracranial arteries; complete bilateral stud
  2. Duplex scans require the three pairs of codes as follows: • Lower extremity arterial: 93925 — Duplex scan of lower extremity arteries or arterial bypass grafts, complete bilateral study; 93926 — Duplex scan of lower extremity arteries or arterial bypass grafts, unilateral or limited study
  3. If you require a scan, the technologist will apply some cool gel to your leg, put the probe on the surface of the skin and scan from the top of your leg to as far down as required. You may feel some gentle pressure and hear some strange noises whilst they do this. Your Arterial Duplex Scan Explained Vascular Laborator
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Noninvasive peripheral arterial studies include two types of testing, noninvasive physiologic studies and duplex scans. Noninvasive physiologic studies are functional measurement procedures that include Doppler ultrasound studies, blood pressure measurements, transcutaneous oxygen tension measurements or plethysmography Arterial duplex scan for varicose veins. This can be used to investigate problems with the arteries or the veins. Duplex ultrasound, a non-invasive scan of the blood vessels, is essential to plan the best treatment for patients with varicose veins Duplex ultrasound employs a combination of conventional ultrasound, color flow Doppler imaging and spectral Doppler analysis, and, in most cases, can be reported as complete bilateral or limited or unilateral studies depending on the location of the vessels in the study. The CPT nomenclature splits the duplex scan codes into sections for cerebrovascular arteries, extremit A carotid ultrasound looks for blockages in the neck's carotid arteries. These blockages are a risk factor of stroke. Learn more here

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Carotid Artery Duplex Scan. A carotid artery duplex scan is a type of vascular ultrasound study done to assess occlusion (blockage) or stenosis (narrowing) of the carotid arteries of the neck and/or the branches of the carotid artery. A carotid artery duplex scan is a noninvasive (the skin is not pierced) procedure Home > Information for Doctors > Abdominal Duplex Scan The abdominal vasculature is now relatively easy to image with the latest ultrasound technology. Aortoiliac and renal arterial studies are routinely performed in our Laboratory Arterial Duplex Study. An Arterial Duplex Study is also known as LEAI (lower extremity arterial imaging) or UEAI (upper extremity arterial imaging). This test will check the arterial circulation in the arms or legs. This non-invasive test does not use needles, drugs or dyes. The test will be performed by a highly skilled ultrasound technologist Carotid Duplex Scan. A Carotid Duplex Scan uses ultrasound to evaluate the main arteries in the neck that takes blood to the brain. This test may be ordered if there is a history of stroke, ministroke, dizziness or if an extra sound is heard when the doctor listens to your neck The duplex criteria of an increase in the peak systolic velocity ratio (PSVR) >2 and lesions <5 cm were used to signify hemodynamically significant stenosis (>50% narrowing), the presence of plaque and calcification in the arterial wall with alteration of PSVR and lesions >5 cm, diffuse disease, and the absence of flow on color/Doppler interrogation, occlusion

Doppler o Dúplex Scan Color Conoce nuestros servicios y la preparación que debes tener en cuenta antes de realizar el examen con nosotros. En Ecografías Bogotá cuidamos de ti Ver Tarifas sede Norte Ver Tarifas sede Su O duplex scan é indicado para: I nvestigar casos de inchaços e dores nas pernas; Monitorar varizes e má circulação do sangue; Mapear veias em processos pré operatórios; Verificar o funcionamento de um enxerto vascular, dentre outros

Duplex scan to evaluate for carotid artery stenosis is considered medically necessary for ANY of the following indications: symptomatic peripheral arterial disease, coronary artery disease (CAD), atherosclerotic aortic aneurysm and those who have specific risk factors for carotid disease Your interventional radiologist may recommend an Ankle Brachial Index to check your risk of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) particularly if you have risk factors that predispose you or symptoms that suggest the disease. People who have PAD are at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, limb problems and uncommonly, amputation. While peripheral arterial disease can affect almost any vessel in.

Background. In Sri Lanka the ABPI has not been used as a screening tool to detect peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in epidemiological studies. This study was conducted to determine the best cutoff value of ABPI to detect PAD in Sri Lankan population. Methods. The ABPI measured by arterial Doppler to detect PAD was validated against colour duplex scan as the criterion using 165 individuals. Femoral artery duplex scan after cannulation Duplex scanning is the preferred diagnostic modality for identification of pseudoaneurysm and arteriovenous fistula development after catheter-based interventions. Test indications can include pain, pulsatile mass, or bruit at an arterial access site Topics include arterial anatomy of the lower extremity, protocols for lower extremity arterial duplex Doppler and color Doppler examinations, recognition of normal and abnormal waveforms and their relationship to arterial disease including atherosclerosis, calcification, plaque, thrombosis, stenosis, dissection and other causes of flow reduction absence of peripheral arterial disease being verified by ultrasound duplex scan. Methods: Patients (n=205) referred for lower limb arterial assessment underwent ankle brachial index measurement and pulse volume waveform recording using volume plethysmography, followed by ultrasound duplex scan The sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive values of duplex scan detection of a > 50% arterial stenosis or occlusion were 86%, 96%, and 67% for the common femoral artery; 95%, 98%,.

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  1. Arterial Upper Extremity duplex limited or unilateral 93931 Venous Duplex Extremity Imt. or unilateral 93971 Venous Duplex Extremity comp. bilateral 93970. DEXA Scan Hip & Lumbar Spine 77080 + Add On Codes + = Add on codes to main procedure code 2020 US, MAMMOGRAPHY & BREAST STUDY
  2. Carotid Vessel Duplex Scan 93880, 93882 Extremity Venous Duplex Scan 93970, 93971 Hemodialysis Access Duplex Scan 93990 Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Scan 93925, 93926 Penile Vessels Duplex Scan 93980, 93981 Transcranial Doppler 93886, 93888 Upper Extremity Arterial Duplex 93930, 9393
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  4. (duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow of penile vessels; follow-up or limited study). Billing Frequency Limitations For CPT codes 93880 through 93931, 93970 through 93981, 93985, 93986 and 93990, only one NVDS is reimbursable when billed by the same provider, for the same recipient an
  5. Carotid duplex is an ultrasound test that shows how well blood is flowing through the carotid arteries. The carotid arteries are located in the neck. They supply blood directly to the brain
  6. utos de antecedência; - Não é necessário jejum. - Trazer exames anteriores relacionados aos membros inferiores (pernas) como: * Raios X * Ultrassom * Tomografia * Ressonância. É necessário agendar data e horário
  7. Figura 8: Duplex scan arterial de membro inferior - Padrão de fluxo monofásico em artéria tibial anterior recanalizada. Fonte: Medline Plus - US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health . Veja também. Maior mortalidade após amputação de membros inferiores em diabéticos

Arterial Duplex Scan Lower Extremity Bilateral Compare Arterial Duplex Scan Lower Extremity Bilateral costs near you arterial duplex. What is it? A lower limb arterial duplex is a scan that uses ultrasound (sound waves) to produce mapping of the arteries in your leg(s). Why do I need it? The test gives the doctor information about the presence of atheroma (hardening of the arteries) within your leg arteries

Arterial Duplex Scans. An Arterial Duplex Scan, also known as an Arterial Ultrasound, uses sound waves to produce images of how well and how much blood is flowing through the blood vessels that supply blood from your heart to other parts of your body Arterial waveforms distal to significant stenosis are typically monophasic. The waveform area beneath the baseline is due to phasic vein Doppler interference. Comparing ABI and duplex ultrasound findings. For the patient case featuring popliteal artery stenosis, compare the patient's ABI test to their duplex ultrasound findings The Arterial Duplex Imaging Exam Identifies and evaluates blockages in the arms and legs, and is useful in a variety of pre-op and post-op situations. This examination can be used to evaluate patients who have had—or may need to have—endovascular procedures, dialysis access graft, hematoma, occlusion, stenosis, angioplasty, pseudoaneurysm, and more An arterial duplex ultrasound is performed by a technologist who has been specially trained. A gel substance is placed on the skin of the area being evaluated and a small probe is rubbed over the area to obtain the images. Different angles of the area may be examined, so patients may have to lie in different positions to get an image Peripheral arterial testing is best performed in an accredited facility by certified technical personnel and physicians experienced in test interpretation. Measurement of limb blood pressure in conjunction with duplex mapping of the arterial tree should be performed to assess disease location and severity

Ultrasound duplex scanning can provide additional information that may guide surgical decisions, in addition to arterial physiologic testing. The location and severity of arterial narrowing and occlusion can be identified using ultrasound duplex scanning. The additional information from duplex scanning can help determine if arterial disease might be appropriately treated with a surgical procedure Arterial Duplex Scan (Upper and Lower Extremities) Arterial Duplex Scan (Upper and Lower Extremities) Heart Institute. St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City. 2nd Floor, Heart Institute, Main Building. 8-789-7700 ext. 2000/2010. St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City. 8-723-0101 ext. 4751

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You can scan text documents, pictures, receipts, and business cards. This desktop duplex scanner offers both wired and wireless connectivity options. You can connect iX1500 via Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz) to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone Carotid duplex scan. This type of Doppler exam checks the carotid arteries in your neck. It gives a 2D (2-dimensional) image of the arteries. This can show the structure of the arteries, the blocked area, and how well blood is flowing. Carotid artery duplex scan

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Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex What is a Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex? A Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Study is an ultrasound image of the arteries or arterial bypass grafts in the lower portion of the body from the distal abdominal aorta to the tibial arteries (ankle level) duplex scan as the criterion. e colour duplex scan is a noninvasive technique for evaluation of anatomical location of the arterial occlusion and the degree of stenosis in lowe Description This review will determine if a duplex scan of the extracranial arteries reasonable and necessary for the patient's condition based on the documentation in the medical record. Claims that do not meet the indications of coverage and/or medical necessity will be denied. Affected Code(s) 93880 Applicable Policy Reference Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Scan. Ayim Djamson, M.D. Contents Services Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Scan Learn more about the Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex Scan. What we offer Services . High Blood Pressure more info. Heart Attack more info. Chest Pain more info. Leg Pain more.

Arterial duplex allows for direct plaque visualization with assessment of hemodynamics to establish stenosis severity. Spectral Doppler interrogation reveals elevated flow velocities at the site of (or just distal to) the stenosis, with a doubling of velocities compared to a more normal proximal segment suggestive of a hemodynamically significant lesion (FIGURE 3A) Arterovenous Fistula Duplex Ultrasound; Carotid and Vertebral Duplex Ultrasound; Graft /Stent Surveillance; Lower Limb Arterial Duplex Ultrasound; Mesenteric Duplex Ultrasound; Popliteal Entrapment Duplex Ultrasound; Renal Artery and Kidnet Parenchymal (functional tissue of the kidney) Flow, Duplex Ultrasound; Upper Limb Arterial Duplex Ultrasoun The duplex scanner printers reviewed here all have the network and wireless connectivity. They are also compatible with any smartphone that you use. They come with amazing driver support while the print resolution is worth dying for too. In terms of performance, functionality,. What happens during the venous / arterial duplex ultrasound? You will need to remove clothing from the area to be scanned. We may ask you to sit or lie down for the scan. An ultrasound machine uses soundwaves to produce pictures of the body. Warm gel is placed on an ultrasound probe, which is then moved over the skin of the area to be examined

A duplex scan means that the provider uses 2 transducers. The second one (Doppler) lets your provider hear the sound waves the transducer sends out. He or she can hear how fast blood is flowing through a blood vessel and in which direction it is flowing Duplex Scan of Arterial Inflow and Venous Outflow (October 2019) October 2019 page 8 Duplex Scan of Arterial Inflow and Venous Outflow Two new Category I Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes will be available in 2020 to report duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow for preoperative vessel assessment before creation of a hemodialysis access US Arterial Duplex Upper Extremity . 2 | Page Revision date: 06-21-2020. TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS: • Equipment gain and display settings will be optimized while imaging vessels with respect to depth, dynamic range and focal zones. • Color-flow Doppler will be added to supplement B-mode images with proper color scale t A variety of transducers is needed for a complete lower extremity arterial duplex examination. Low-frequency (2- or 3-MHz) transducers are best for evaluating the iliac arteries, whereas a higher frequency (5-MHz) transducer is adequate in most patients for the infrainguinal vessels Review Question #5—duplex scan image of lower limb arterial bypass. Schwarcz TH, Gatz VL, Little S. Arterial duplex ultrasound is the most cost-effective, noninvasive diagnostic imaging modality before treatment of lower-extremity arterial occlusive disease

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For duplex scan for post-interventional follow-up, which is typically limited in scope and unilateral in nature, use the unilateral (or limited study) code 93926 or 93931. Consequently, the complete duplex scan code 93925 or 93930 should seldom be used, except in patients who had bilateral interventions The arterial duplex exam has two parts which are done simultaneously. One part, the 2-D echo, produces images of the arteries in the extremity. The second part of the test is known as the Doppler component. This produces sounds that you will hear and helps the physician evaluate the blood flow through the arteries Arterial Duplex Ultrasound Scan - Legs Diagnostic Imaging Date: November 2017 Review due: November 2020. Thi age ef ientionally blank 2. I o re nable o rea i ea˜e because nglis ot your rst anguage eae sk omeoe ho peaks nglish to elephone ALS o 01983 534850 or urther nformatio A duplex scan uses sound waves to check how well the blood flows through the arteries to different areas of the body. A renal artery duplex scan examines the blood flow both to and within the kidney and the intestine.The scan can help detect a blockage in blood flow that may cause pain or other problems Lower Extremity Arterial & Venous Duplex Scan Renal Duplex Scan Aorto-lliac Duplex Scan Upper Abdominal Duplex Scan. Now Available! LINEAR ULTRASOUND - breast ultrasound - thyroid ultrasound - soft tissue ultrasound Every Thursday @ 1:00 PM.

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Duplex scanners display real-time grey-scale images which allow the operator to display the speed of blood flowing in a selected part of the image. Figure 5 shows a duplex scan of a superficial femoral artery in the upper thigh. The operator has placed a 'gate' in the image of the artery, and the blood velocity waveform is displayed Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Duplex Scan (Upper and Lower Extremities) Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Duplex Scan (Upper and Lower Extremities) Heart Institute. St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City. 2nd Floor, Heart Institute, Main Building. 8-789-7700 ext. 2000/2010 Regarding Can duplex scan arterial mapping replace contrast arteriography as the test of choice before infrainguinal revascularization?. Ligush J Jr. Comment on J Vasc Surg. 1999 Jan;29(1):100-7; discussion 107-9 ABI vs Arterial Duplex Scans. Thread starter OhioMB; Start date Dec 11, 2013; O. OhioMB Networker. Local Chapter Officer. Messages 34 Location Akron OH Best answers 0. Dec 11, 2013 #1 In desperate need of lay descriptions for the differences between an ABI and Arterial lower extremity scan

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93976 - CPT® Code in category: Duplex scan of arterial inflow and venous outflow of abdominal, pelvic, scrotal contents and/or retroperitoneal organs. CPT Code information is available to subscribers and includes the CPT code number, short description, long description, guidelines and more Duplex scan of upper extremity arteries or arterial bypass grafts; complete bilateral study. 93931. Duplex scan of upper extremity arteries or arterial bypass grafts; unilateral or limited study. 93978. Duplex scan of aorta, inferior vena cava, iliac vasculature, or bypass grafts; complete study. 9397 Patients (n=205) referred for lower limb arterial assessment underwent ankle brachial index measurement and pulse volume waveform recording using volume plethysmography, followed by ultrasound duplex scan. The presence of peripheral arterial disease was recorded if ankle brachial index <0.9; pulse volume waveform was graded as 2, 3 or 4; or if. Synonyms for arterial duplex ultrasonography in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for arterial duplex ultrasonography. 3 synonyms for ultrasonography: echography, sonography, ultrasound. What are synonyms for arterial duplex ultrasonography Arterial imaging will also help determine if claudication is associated with arterial disease or musculoskeletal or neuropathic reasons. A controlled trial of the effectiveness of imaging procedures suggested that the results of Duplex ultrasound were comparable to those of contrast angiography, in terms of surgical planning and outcome. (HTA. Does anyone know how to duplex scan (scan double sided documents) using the HP Colour Laser Jet Pro M283fdw printer/scanner? It seems i need HP Scan software but whenever i search for it i get directed to HP Smart app, which doesn't seem to have the two-sided scanning feature. All help appreciate..

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