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Wir haben deshalb besonders nützliche Dienste für Dich und Deine Musik-Karriere herausgesucht. Diese fünf Plattformen erleichtern es Dir Deine Musik zu präsentieren, zu verkaufen und zu bewerben. Bandcamp. Bandcamp ermöglicht es unabhängigen Musikern und Labels, die eigene Musik über die Plattform direkt ihren Fans anzubieten Bandcamp Weekly April 20, 2021. Polish band Bloto and French act NCY Milky Band guest, plus new Joao Donato, Natalie Bergman, and King Britt. Hosted by Andrew Jervis.Illustration of Bloto by Hsiao-Ron Cheng.. all show

Musik verkaufen ohne Label. Um deine Musik erfolgreich zu verkaufen benötigst Du keinen Plattenvertrag und kein Label. Das einzige, was du benötigst ist eine professionell aufgenommene EP oder ein Album und einen digitalen Musikvertrieb. Hier unterscheidet man zwischen exklusiven und nicht exklusivem Vertrieb. Bei einem exklusiven Vertrie. nein, wenn man die musik selbst verkauft, muss man meines Wissens zusätzlich bei der Gemeinde ein Gewerbe anmelden. ersteres reicht nur aus, wenn du deine Musik nicht selbst verkaufst, also du für Auftritte Geld bekommst und deine tracks von einem label veröffentlicht werden Hepp! Härom veckan skulle jag lyssna på en grej på Bandcamp som jag gillade lite grann, men inte kunde lyssna fokuserat på första gången. Då ville de ha pengar. Det hade inte hänt förut. Jag insåg då att att jag lyssnar på OERHÖRT mycket musik bara en gång. Jag har funderat på att jag borde köpa lite grejer för att stötta diverse artister som jag upattar, men det kommer ju. Music by Benny Sings, released 09 April 2021 1. Nobody's Fault 2. Here It Comes 3. Sunny Afternoon 4. Rolled Up feat. Mac DeMarco 5. Lost Again 6. Break Away 7. Kids feat. KYLE 8. Run Right Back feat. Cautious Clay 9. Miracles feat. Emily King, Peter Cottontale 10. Musi

Inhalt Musik - Bandcamp: Der Plattenladen um die Ecke im World Wide Web. Die Musikwebsite Bandcamp ist der Wühltisch im digitalen Musikbusiness: Gute Musik, ansprechend präsentiert, fair gedealt. Maxi Music Records. Spain. Founded in 2010 by producer Juan Martinez, Spanish label Maxi Music Records is one of the world's most successful independent Italo Disco record labels Estas Tonne. Germany. As a modern-day Troubadour Estas Tonne travels countless places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of a classical structure, technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscapes Eigene Musik veröffentlichen ohne Label. Die Zeiten, dass man als Musikerin oder Musiker ein Label brauchte, um seine Songs einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren sind vorbei. Der Digitalisierung sei Dank, gibt es ganz neue und viele Möglichkeiten seine eigene Musik im Netz zu verkaufen

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MASTER BOOT RECORD. Rome, Italy. I am a 486DX-33MHz-64MB processing avant-garde chiptune, synthesized heavy metal & classical symphonic music. 100% Synthesized, 100% Dehumanized Dark Descent Records. Colorado. Underground metal label based out of Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.A Bandcamp bekommt 10%, aber sozusagen erst dann, wenn man 100% einmal mit Verkäufen voll gemacht hat (verkaufen wir Alben für 40 € bekommt Bandcamp 4 € bzw. das 10. Album). Die Dateiformate die dem Kunden zur Verfügung gestellt werden sind wohl als Verlustfrei komprimiert anzusehen (320kbit/s mp3 & ogg, flac, alac usw.) und von DRM habe ich bei Bandcamp noch nicht wirklich was gelesen Musik hochladen & und erfolgreich vermarkten. Vielleicht ist das Hochladen deiner Musik auf diesen Webseiten und Online-Diensten nicht das Gelbe vom Ei und vielleicht kannst Du sogar, wie ein Leser von delamar per Email vorschlug, mit Kleinanzeigen in Lokalzeitungen und Ebay noch mehr Leute auf dich, deine Band und deine Musik hinweisen Bei Bandcamp.com handelt es sich um eine legale Plattform, die besonders Nachwuchskünstlern eine Möglichkeit zum Verbreiten und Verkaufen von Musik ermöglicht. Im Gegensatz zu Amazon oder iTunes können Sie hier Dank des flexiblen Bezahlsystems Künstlern zur Unterstützung einen höheren Preis zahlen


Bandcamp ist ein Online-Musikdienst und eine Plattform zur Promotion, die sich insbesondere an unabhängige Künstler richtet. Künstler bei Bandcamp besitzen eine veränderbare Microsite mit den Alben, die sie hochladen. Viele Titel können kostenfrei auf der Internetseite abgespielt werden. Künstler können festlegen, ob Musikdownloads kostenlos oder kostenpflichtig möglich oder an die. Merkaba Music. Australia. Keep updated with all the latest from the Merkaba Music realm. https://confirmsubscription.com/h/t/E6CACC8230CBE16

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How to add Bandcamp music to Apple Music on Windows. Of course, not all Apple Music users are also Mac users. For those on Windows, here's how to add your Bandcamp music to Apple Music on Windows. The first thing to note is that currently, Windows doesn't have its own Apple Music client (unless you use it in your browser) GNAW THEIR TONGUES. Smallingerland. This site includes work from my projects: Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterum, Seirom and many more

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  1. Glitterbeat Records. Hamburg, Germany. Contemporary musics from all corners of the world. We love sounds that embrace both evolving global textures and localized traditions and roots
  2. Listening To The Music by Zephaniah OHora, released 14 August 2020 1. Heaven's On The Way 2. Black & Blue 3. It's Not So Easy Today 4. When I've No More Tears To Cry 5. All American Singer 6. Listening To The Music 7. Living Too Long 8. We Planned To Have It All 9. Riding That Train 10. Emily 11. You Make It Easy To Love Again 12
  3. Guruguru Brain. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Guruguru Brain is an independent music label focusing on feeling good music across Asia. Founded by Go & Tomo of Kikagaku Moyo in 2014
  4. d: on Bandcamp Fridays, an average of 93% of your money reaches the artist/label (after payment processor.
  5. Knxwledge.. Los Angeles, California. www.stonesthrow.com/knx twitch.com/knxwledge soundcloud.com/knxwledge kontakt. knxbookings@gmail.com
  6. The Hilvarenbeek Recordings [Remastered and expanded version] Biosphere Compilation 1991-200
  7. Bandcamp is an online music store for users to discover and purchase fantastic music from independent musicians. It's also a publishing platform for artists to upload, promote and share their music albums. Artists or labels upload music to Bandcamp with custom prices. You can listen to any Bandcamp song online for free before you decide to buy it

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  1. g era. As the coronavirus situation has developed, one of the things I've.
  2. g, music purchasing. URL. bandcamp .com. Bandcamp is an Internet music company founded in 2008 by Oddpost co-founder Ethan Diamond and programmers Shawn Grunberger, Joe Holt and Neal Tucker, with headquarters in Oakland, California, US
  3. From the duo behind the music of Steven Universe and co-composer Sabrielle Augustin comes a game score that is both sentimental in its nods to the 8-bit era and ambitious in its scope: Ikenfell has several anthems with sung or rapped vocals, a unique blending of synths and acoustic piano, and a range of compositions ranging from short-and-cute to long-and-contemplative
  4. Spider Bite. Forever Love's Fool (Feat. Danny Carey) Daniel Romano's Outfit Feat. Danny Carey. Okay Wow. Content To Point The Way. Super Pollen. Okay Wow
  5. Vallendusk Melodic Black Metal hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. Heralds Of Strife, releases 14 May 2021 1. The Last Soar As The Feathers Fall 2. Towards The Shimmering Dawn 3. Ethereal Echoes Of Devotion 4. Solivagant Heart 5. Marching Ballad Of The Unsung Ones 6. Immemorials In Eternal Slumber 7. The Sovereign 4th FULL-LENGTH ALBUM, will be released by Northern Silence Productions on April 30.
  6. Live in Los Angeles 1998. Live At L'Olympia 2001. Live At Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL 2002. Live In Brooklyn 2011. Live At Cabaret Metro 1988. Daydream Nation Live in Glasgow, Scotland 2007. Live At CBGB's 1988. Live In Berlin 2009. SYR 8 Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth

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toe. Japan. toe is composed of Kashikura Takashi on drums, Mino Takaaki on guitar, Yamane Satoshi on bass guitar, and Yamazaki Hirokazu on guitar. The band has played with this lineup since their inception in 2000 Messiah. Switzerland. Messiah is a Thrash-/Death-Metal band from Switzerland. Thrashing Madness since 1984 Lawnmowerjetpack Records. Norwich, Connecticut. Lo-Fi DIY label in Norwich CT. Current roster: -Animal Schoolbus -Crawl Below -Good Morning Eastern CT -Lawnmowerjetpack -Charlie Sad Eyes & The Diminishing Return Silencer Confidently standing on the frontline of UK underground producers, Silencer has vowed to unleash even more musical havoc on the grime scene in 2011. With his unapologetic use of 808s, oscillating synths and the oh-so-familiar trademark 'Teeed-dy!' vocal - his beats are as recognisable as the artists that vocal them. Teddy also possesses a back catalogue that reads like a list of grime.

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30 minutes of... by MUSIC ON HOLD, released 01 January 2021 1. Adam's war 2. No Igel dares 3. A 1000 Eyes 4. wow & Flutter 5. Top of the bridge 6. Line the walls 7. Bread 8. Water 9. K.A.O 10. Gray Manders (UK TEXT BELOW) « Waiting for the sun » Une posture d'attente que n'aura pas eue le trio parisien en signant avec le label Born Bad Bandcamp is more than a place to download music. Founded in 2007, the platform emerged out a desire to empower artists, by offering them a place to share and sell music to listeners, growing their. claire rousay. San Antonio, Texas. claire rousay is a person who performs and records. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. Her performances and recordings explore human relationships and self perception June LaLonde. Minnesota. June LaLonde is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter-producer working in Minneapolis, MN. After 30 years of living as a man, she corrected the mistake and is gearing up to release her first album under her own name, the self-titled June LaLonde

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Polarface Music Group is an independent record label and events company based in London and Manchester, founded in 2016. It's made up of Polarface Records, Polarface Presents and Syndicate Music Management Library Of The Occult. UK. Independent label specializing in limited edition releases for sounds of the dark art Bandcamp's mission of helping artists get paid is a conversation I want happening across all businesses in the music space, and any business that's looking at how to do that better, that's.

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  1. Music For Parents by Florian T M Zeisig, released 02 February 2021 1. Dad Is Painting Again 2. Giving/Receiving 3. Dip Pool 4. Conversationalist 5. Apiary [Digital Bonus] 6. Smoking By The Pond [Digital Bonus] On a rare trip back to his rural Bavarian hometown, producer and sound-artist Florian T M Zeisig was intrigued by a new addition to his parent's house, a vibroacoustic mattress.
  2. e 2. rRoxymore - Price of Highest Consciousness 3. Nightwave - Sacred Heart 4. Umfang - Complete Your Collection 5. Masha Mar - Doris Day 6. Maddy Maia - Obsesión Romántica 7. C Love - Possédée 8. Violet - Search and Find 9. Lara Sarkissian - Fortress in the Clouds 10
  3. Black Lion Records. Sweden. Welcome to Black Lion Records, A Swedish Metal label formed in 2012, focusing on the extreme side of Metal
  4. SAULT UNTITLED (Rise), released 18 September 2020 1. Strong 2. Fearless 3. Rise 4. I Just Want to Dance 5. Street Fighter 6. Son Shine 7. Rise Intently 8. The Beginning & the End 9. Free 10. You Know It Ain't 11. Uncomfortable 12. No Black Violins in London 13. Scary Times 14. The Black & Gold 15. Little Bo
  5. Tyla J. Pallas. UK. Tyla J. Pallas is an English musician, artist and poet. He first made a name for himself in the late 80's with rock n' roll band The Dogs D'Amour. He has since released a prolific succession of albums and toured the world over as a solo artist

SEASONS IN THE SIZE OF DEMOS. To Die For. WALPURGISNACHT. The Blackest Curse. SUICIDE BLACK SNAKE. Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne Cover) DEATHLY FIGHTER flexi 7. HARDER THEY FALL 1989 demo (30th anniversary edition) INTEGRITY / PSYWARFARE Hinterlands by Jakethehawk, released 19 February 2021 1. Counting 2. Ochre and Umber 3. Interzone Mantra 4. Still Life 5. Uncanny Valley 6. June Heirs to the expansive psych-fuzz explorations of bands like King Buffalo, Howling Giant and ASG, Jakethehawk merge the classic, riff-centric sound of proto-metal's pioneers with the textures of psychedelic rock and progressive rock Amusia by Asofy, released 21 April 2020 1. Agnosia 2. Palinodia 3. Amusia 4. Residuo 5. Alterazione 6. Distonia 7. Allucinazione 8. Ricordo Asofy is the solo-project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Tryfar, a professional graphic designer based in Milan. Deeply tied to Avantgarde Music, Asofy has been part of our roster since sophomore album Percezione (2013), and Amusia is their fourth full.

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The Sea Looks Green When The Sky Is Grey. Nikos Veliotis/Anita Kaasbøll/Michael Francis Duch. Yesterday Night You Were Sleeping At My Place. Muta. One. Toot. Continental Crust. Yumiko Tanaka/Ivar Grydeland. Percussion Music Sky Island by Yawning Sons, released 26 March 2021 1. Adrenaline Rush 2. Low in the Valley 3. Cigarette Footsteps 4. Passport Beyond the Tides 5. Shadows and Echoes 6. Digital Spirit 7. Gravity Underwater 8. Limitless Artifact Formed in 2008 when Yawning Man's signature sound architect Gary Arce travelled to the UK to work with Kent-based instrumental riff-psych quartet Sons of Alpha Centauri Worship The Sun. Hollow. Sten Ove Toft + Dead Neanderthals. Endless Voids. The New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Jazz. Various Artists. Dietary Restrictions. Dead Neanderthals + Nick Millevoi. Random Acts of Nuclear Devastation Music tagged with . partner; electroni Official Batushka Bandcamp profile

Push/Pull. The Bedroom Tapes. If.... (Ditz Remix) Gush. Bedroom. A Reason To Celebrate (GLOK Remix) A Reason To Celebrate. Happy (International Teachers Of Pop De-Mix Malignant Records. Maryland. Since 1994, one of America's premier labels and mail order outlets for dark ambient, industrial, and power electronics All kinds of experimental music can be found on Bandcamp: free jazz, avant-rock, dense noise, outer-limits electronics, deconstructed folk, abstract spoken word, and so much more. If an artist is trying something new with an established form or inventing a new one completely, there's a good chance they're doing it on Bandcamp

NOÊTA. Västra Götaland County, Sweden. BLACK AMBIENT FOLK NOÊTA takes its name from Greek philosophy and describes the notion of universal thoughts that exist without someone (or something) thinking them. The duo's wonderfully elusive sound is fascinating and compelling, yet difficult to categorize. This is music as mood; poetic, dark, ambient landscapes laid out with vintage equipment. Piranha Music. Torun, Poland. Inbooking agency and record label located in Toruń (PL). WE BITE WITH ROCK&ROLL SINCE 2013 Music | Hannah Peel. Fir Wave. Emergence In Nature. Particles In Space. Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia. The Deceived (Original TV Soundtrack) The Night Life (Chalk Hill Blue Live) Will Burns & Hannah Peel. Rebox Synphaera. Los Angeles, California. Synphaera Records is an independent record label for electronic and ambient music. For booking and license inquiries: info@synphaera.co

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Nadja. Berlin, Germany. Nadja is Leah Buckareff & Aidan Baker. They make ambient / experimental / doom metal Alexander Nakarada. Norway. Creative Commons by 4.0 - Attribution licensed music! Commercial use allowed, use it as you wish

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  1. Alongside Death. THE BLACK. Black Blood. THE BLACK. Sun In The House Of The Scorpion. BLOOD OF KINGU. Grimoire Ordo Devus. ONDSKAPT. Panzer Division Marduk (remastered
  2. Camlann. Jakarta, Indonesia. A Dark Disco teen band from Jakarta, Indonesia
  3. Blood Tears Champagne (INSTRUMENTAL) Berried Alive & Philip Solo. Ancient Skies. Ancient Skies (INSTRUMENTAL) Why Are You Still Alive. Crusty
  4. Cleric | Angel of Death EP [CRG019] Moddullar & Temudo | MxT EP [CRG018] Christian Wunsch | Abnormal Behaviour EP [CRG017] Roll Dann - Dark Horses EP [CRG016] Roll Dann. Cleric x Kmyle | Empty Shells EP | James Ruskin Remix [CRG015] Cleric x Kmyle
  5. Taake. Bergen, Norway. Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner Noregs Vaapen Hoest, Taak

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ACTORS. Vancouver, British Columbia. New single 'Like Suicide' April 2nd venoztks. Dennis, Kansas. all is found, everything is los

Music | Chris Carter. Electronic Ambient Remixes One. Electronic Ambient Remixes Three. Archival 1973-1977. Disobedient. Mondo Beat. Small Moon. Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 - Coursework. Chemistry Lessons Volume 1 Haunt. Fresno, California. Music by: Trevor William Churc Gaphals is a Swedish label with focus on Swedish music. We work with everything we finds intressting on our surronding. Order physical releases from freighttrain.s Marc Rebillet. New York, New York. I'm an idiot for a living

Devil's Own/Djaevlens Egn. Doublestone. War Bear. Moonbow. Ripple Music - Fully Jacked. Isolator. Curse the Son. Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter 5. Desert Suns / Chiefs Laraaji Laraaji is a musician, mystic and laughter meditation practitioner based in New York City. He began playing music on the streets in the 1970s, improvising experimental jams on a modified autoharp processed through various electronic effects. He has since released albums for a variety of labels, often recording himself at home and selling the results as cassettes during his street.

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Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? Black Roots Music Please Don't Be Dead Fantastic Negrit 65daysofstatic. Sheffield, UK. We Were Exploding Anyway // Heavy Sky EP (10th Anniversary Pressing City Girl. Los Angeles, California. City Girl (^・ω・^ ) contact: citygirlchilltime@gmail.co Berlin https://www.instagram.com/nnhmn_/ https://www.facebook.com/nonhuman.duo kdreamsrecords@gmail.com Sᴇʟꜰ-ᴛʀᴀɴsꜰᴏʀᴍɪɴɢ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs. Paysage d'Hiver. . Schwarzä Feus & Schwarzäs Isä Winterkaelt

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The Los Angeles-based electronic music producer turns to the Middle Eastern and Indian pop of their youth, alongside house, disco, and R&B, and transforms it into four-on-the-floor dance anthems. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 12, 2021. go to albu Yr Body is Nothing. Lesser Man (extended version) Careful Remixes, etc. R.O.V. (New Beat Edit) // Part Time Punks session. Electric (Kris Baha Remix) Want. Boy Harsher / Nen (feat. Kristina Esfandiari 12k. Pound Ridge, New York. 12k is a New York based experimental music label run by artist Taylor Deupree that has decisively defined and developed its own concept of minimalism in the realms of experimental and ambient musi Quantic Jazz sensibility with future dancefloor orientated grooves, deep funk, tough drums and tropical rhythms. Will Holland is one of the most talented and prolific artists in the world of alternative dance music today. Recording under various guises, Will first found acclaim as Quantic. Theme From Selva, released 30 October 2020 1. Theme from Selva 2

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Music | Amon Amarth. Deceiver of the Gods. Under the Influence. Surtur Rising. Versus the World (Bonus Edition) The Crusher (Bonus Edition) The Avenger (Bonus Edition) Once Sent From The Golden Hall (Bonus Edition) Twilight of the Thunder God Nordicwinter. Saint Eustache, Québec. Canadian Depressive / Atmospheric Black Metal created by evillair Get all 9 Droid Bishop releases available on Bandcamp and save 25%. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Music , Super Nova , Rebirth of the Machine , End of Aquarius , Lost In Symmetry , Sleeping With The Stars , The Irrelevance of Space & Time , Electric Love (ep), and 1 more Deathspell Omega. France. FAS - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum Mass Grave Aesthetic Crimeapple & DJ Skizz. Thanks Uncle Trill. Chris Crack. Spencer For Higher 2. Vic Spencer & SonnyJim. Tana Talk 3. Benny The Butcher. Hitler Wears Hermes 6. westside Gunn

Owane. Norway. Sup! My name is Owane and I make music sometimes Lebanon Hanover. Germany. an ice cold reply to the alienated world coming from two warm beating hearts. The duo of Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline appear as true romantics of the modern age, admiring William Wordsworth, fascinated by the beauty of art nouveau aesthetics, exploring British seashores and forests at night as well as inspired by the urbanism of Berlin. by J. Mikulskis.

Harari by The Beaters, released 26 February 2021 1. Harari 2. Love Love Love 3. Inhlupheko Iphelile 4. Push It On 5. Thiba Kamoo 6. What's Happening The Beaters - Harari was released in 1975. After changing their name, Harari went into the studio late in 1976 to record their follow-up, Rufaro / Happiness. In 1976 they were voted South Africa's top instrumental group and were in high demand. Heilung Futha, released 28 June 2019 1. Galgaldr 2. Norupo 3. Othan 4. Traust 5. Vapnatak 6. Svanrand 7. Elivagar 8. Elddansurin 9. Hamrer Hippyer With the epic new album Futha, the enigmatic HEILUNG return with their signature Amplified History. A counterbalance to their rugged debut Ofnir, Futha reveals a more melodic and beautiful side of the mysterious ensemble Mare Cognitum. Portland, Oregon. Mare Cognitum is a one-man band conceived by Jacob Buczarski. Let yourself drift into the unknown edges of the cosmos. The most beautiful thing one can experience is the mysterious Le Dernier Rempart by Herzel, released 19 March 2021 1. Maîtres de l'Océan 2. La Flamme 3. Le Dernier Rempart 4. Berceau de Cendre 5. L'épée des Dieux 6. L'Ultime Comba Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry by Speaker Music, released 19 June 2020 1. Amerikkka's Bay (ft. Maia Sanaa) 2. The Man-Not 3. Techno is a Liberation Technology (ft. AceMo) 4. Black Secret Technology is a Traumatically Manufactured and Exported Good Necessitated by 300 Years of Unaccounted for White Supremacist Savagery in the Founding of the United States 5

On the Corner. London, UK. Tomorrow's sounds, today! Genre breaking, border crossing bangers from beyond

Saligia | Diskographie | DiscogsADSR | Diskographie | DiscogsFORMAT Records (3) Label | Veröffentlichungen | DiscogsFateful Finality - Mankind (Gatefold-Double-Vinyl inklPsychic Hearts | Diskographie | Discogs
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